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Ultimate Guide to Mining Siacoin 


Sia is an actively developed decentralized storage platform. Users all over the world contribute disk storage from their computers to form a decentralized network.

Anybody with siacoins can rent storage from hosts on Sia. This is accomplish via "smart" storage contracts stored on the Sia blockchain. The smart contract provides a payment to the host only after the host has kept the file for a given amount of time. If the host loses the file, the host does not get paid.

The distrubuted nature of the Sia network enables many optimizations in latency, throughput, reliability, and security. The decentralized nature of the Sia network enables anyone with storage to get paid, lowering the barrier to entry and reducing the overall price of cloud storage.

Why mining cryptocurrency like Siacoin?

Mining cryptocoins rewards the early adopters. You might have heard of Bitcoin, the first decentralized cryptocurrency that was released in early 2009. Similar digital currencies have crept into the worldwide market since then.

Today, there is very much a digital gold rush where people can make a small profit by investing a few hundred dollars in equipment, and then spend months mining for digital coins before any return on their investment sets in.

As a hobby venture, yes, cryptocoin mining can generate a small income of perhaps a dollar or two per day. Siacoin are very accessible for regular people to mine, and a person can recoup $1000 in hardware costs in few months.

Now, there is a small chance that siacoin will jump in value alongside Bitcoin at some point. Then, possibly, you could find yourself sitting on thousands of dollars in cryptocoins. Note: the emphasis here is on 'small chance', with small meaning 'slightly better than winning the lottery'.

If you do decide to try cryptocoin mining, definitely do so as a hobby with a very small income return. Think of it as 'gathering gold dust' instead of collecting actual gold nuggets.

What do i need to mine Siacoin?

- PC supports one or many high-end gaming video card like AMD or NVIDIA with 1gb of ram or more.

- PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 10 32 or 64 bit or linux for advanced user.

- Minimum 4gb ram but 8gb and more is better.

- Standard Internet connection ( low bandwidth needed )

- Know how to install the video driver and how to extract zip files.

What is the best GPU for mining siacoin?

Here is an exhaustive list of GPUs and their approximate hash power.

GTX 660300
GTX 670400
GTX 960700
GTX 970895
GTX 970 overclock1000
GTX 10601150
GTX 9801230
GTX Titan X1300
GTX 980 overclock1350
GTX 1060 overclok1390
GTX 980 Ti Hybrid1600
GTX 980 Ti Hybrid1850
GTX 980 Ti1400
GTX 980 Ti2680
GTX 1080 FE2000
GTX 1080 overclock3500
GTX 1080 Ti overclock3352

HD 7670m70
HD 7870600
R9 270X635
R9 380750
HD 7970790
R9 280X849
RX 470850
RX 480872
R9 2901050
R9 290X1200
R9 290X1200
R9 Fury Nitro1420
R9 Nano1425
R9 Nano overclock1790
R9 Fury X1800
R9 295x22250

GPU’s these days often ship overclocked. Manufacturers like ASUS and Sapphire sell products that include the names “Boost”, “OC” or similar variations of that.  Cards with a “booster” usually still have a lot of room left before becoming unstable and can be overclocked even higher but you also have to keep the lifespan of your card in mind.



How to find what kind of graphics card you have?

Siacoin mining software uses your computer’s graphics card (GPU). Depending of the GPUs the choice of the software can change.

Here are the steps to determine your GPU  :  

  1. Do the Win + R key combination (The Windows + R will show you the "RUN" box where you can type commands to either pull up a program.)
  2. Type the word "devmgmt.msc" and press "Enter".

Now : open out  “Display adapters” for view your video card...

Note : If you have an NVIDIA video card, you may need to install CUDA and use a CUDA compatible miner software. Otherwise if is a AMD video card, you may need to to install OpenCL and use a compatible OpenCL miner software.

How to install CUDA for my NVIDIA GPU?

  • Visit https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads
  • Choose your "Operating System
  • Choose your corresponding  "Architecture".
  • Choose your "Version" or "Distribution"
  • Chose installer yype "Network" or "Local"
  • Now, you just need to download and install with default options.

How to install OpenCL for my AMD GPU?

OpenCL is included in most of AMD drivers. Otherwise you can download the latest version of your video drivers to the following address:


How to generate a Siacoin wallet?

In order to mine, you’ll need a Siacoin wallet to store the coins you earn. There are currently many options for Siacoin wallets.

  • Sia-UI ( Official Sia Wallet, but is excessively long to sync before you can get an address )

  • Poloniex ( Fast if you already have an account or want to exchange your SC to BTC )

  • Bittrex ( Fast if you already have an account or want to exchange your SC to BTC )​

  • MySiacoin ( Unofficial Siacoin coldstorage wallet generator ) 


  • Visit http://sia.tech/apps/​
  • Choose Sia-UI for your operating system ( Note : This tutorial is for windows)
  • Download the file to your hard drive.
  • Extract all the files included in the downloaded SIA-UI file onto your hard disk (example: C:\Sia-UI)

By now you can launch the SIA-UI.exe (already extracted in your C:\Sia-UI folder)

Note : If the Windows Firewall ask you if you want to give access to Sia. You will have to click on "Allow" to connect to the blockchain.

In the navigation menu on the left, you must click on the "Wallet" button.

You will need to choose "Create a new wallet".

Sia-UI show just after generation of a new "wallet" your "seed".

Backup your wallet seed. Example : write it down on paper or into a text file on usb key. Keep in mind than this seed allows you to retrieve your sia wallet in future.

Optional, SIA-UI let you choose a specific wallet password. Otherwise, SIA-UI keep the seed as your password!

Be careful, never share a screenshot, picture or clear text of your seed. Remember, the seed give full access to your siacoin wallet!

After save you seed and password, just click on “I have written these down in a safe place” button.

The SIA-UI asks you to confirm if you have noted the "seed" and the "password" previously entered.

You must now enter the previously saved "password" to unlock successfully your sia wallet.

You must wait until the synchronization is completed, this process takes a long time because the SIA-UI must download the blockchain in its entirety.

 Afterwards the syncronization will be much faster. The initial syncronisation may take a few hours to see a whole day ...

When you have finally completed the synchronization, you will have to click the "Receive Siacoin" buttonin the top right of the wallet screen.

You will get an alphanumeric code. This address will serve as a Siacoin wallet.

Save this address, it your official Sia wallet address!


To obtain a wallet from Poloniex,  follow these steps:

  • Visit Poloniex.
  • You must create a new account if you do not have already one or just sign in.
  • In the top right navigation menu, click on "Balances". and select "Deposits & Withdrawals".   

  • Search for "SC" in the crypto list and click on the "Deposit" link on this same line.

  • You will get an alphanumeric code. This address will serve as a Siacoin wallet.

Save this address, it your Poloniex Sia wallet address!


To obtain a wallet from Bittrex,  follow these steps:

  • Visit Bittrex.
  • You must create a new account if you do not have already one or just sign in.
  • In the top right navigation menu, click on "Wallets".
  • Search for "SC" in the crypto list and click on the “+” link on that row

  • You will get an alphanumeric code. This address will serve as a Siacoin wallet.

Save this address, it your Bittrex Sia wallet address!


Unofficial Siacoin coldstorage wallet generator

To obtain a wallet from MySiacoin,  follow these steps:

  • Save your generated Siacoin Recovery Seed
  • Save your Siacoin Public Addresses. All of these address will serve as a Siacoin wallet.

Use one of these public addresses as your Sia wallet address!

Available​ Siacoin miner & supported pools :

There are a few Siacoin miners available, each can be specific for AMD / Nvidia GPUs or only compatible for one Mining Pool.

Marlin is a Siacoin Stratum miner for OpenCL and CUDA devices developed by SiaMining. It is designed to be fast, lightweight and easy to use.

Pools  : SiaMining

CCMiner Nvidia GPU CUDA 

Pools  : SiaMining

SGMiner This is a multi-threaded multi-pool GPU miner with ATI GPU monitoring, (over)clocking and fanspeed support for scrypt-based cryptocurrency. It is based on cgminer 

Pools : SiaMining

GoMiner  GPU miner for sia in go All available opencl capable GPU's are detected and used in parallel.

Pools  : SiaMining & Nanopool

Claymore Dual mining  Ethereum + Decred/Siacoin/Lbry/Pascal AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner. Supports both AMD and nVidia cards, even mixed.

Download page https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B69wv2iqszefdFZUV2toUG5HdlU

Pools  : SiaMining, Nanopoolminingpoolhub

How to install a Marlin Siacoin miner?

Marlin miner is very easy and  it is compatible with both CUDA and OpenCL.

However it only works with the stratum of the Siamining pool

Here are the steps to install Marlin : 

Download the lastes version ( 1.0.0 september 8, 2016 )

Github : https://siamine.com/marlin

After downloading the zip file, unpack it to C:\marlin (This tutorial is based on Microsoft Windows)

How to make the self test and the benchmark of your video card with Marlin Siacoin miner?

Do the Win + R key combination (The Windows + R will show you the "RUN" box where you can type commands to either pull up a program.)

Type the word "cmd" and press "Enter".

Self test 

Into the Command Prompt, type the following line of code

C:\marlin\marlin.exe --selftest

Note : You should see that each algorithm indicates PASS.

This confirms that your GPU can access to any required libraries.


Now In the Command Prompt, type the following line of code

C:\marlin\marlin.exe --benchmark

Important : Check if the best hashrate is the default or another pattern and keep in memory the intensity level.

Start mining with Marlin

To start, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on marlin.bat into C:\marlin\ folder and click on "edit"

Edit the address with you siacoin wallet and change your worker name.

Add the algorithm pattern and intensity adjustment if needed

-K switch if you need to specify an optimal algorithm (see benchmark result )

    Now look like :

    • Go to File... Save  and now you can close the editor.
    • Go to folder  C:\marlin with Windows Explorer.
    • Double-click on marlin.bat for start the software.   

    You're mining right now, you can see in the console :)

    Note : Depending on your video card, the hashrate may be better than my old nvidia Quatro K2000.

    How to change Mining Server Addresses?

    By default, Marlin connects to siaminin.com:3333 if you do not specify a server...

    Mining Server Addresses

    RegionHostnameStratum PortClaymore StratumHTTP Port
    US Eastus-east.siamining.com333377779980
    US Westus-west.siamining.com333377779980

    To change the server address, simply add  -H hostname on the marlin.bat cmd.

    marlin -H us-east.siamining.com:3333 -u %address%.%worker% -I %intensity%

    How to mine and use my pc at the same time ?

    Marlin now includes the ability to throttle (using x% of GPU time) using the --throttle command.

    The Throttle function can help you to reduce the GPU temp, load and fan speed

    Before GPU Load : 100% / Temp : 66  / Fan speed 2010 RPM  @ 106.5MH/S

    To continue to work on my pc with a good fluidity I use the following parameters in another file bat that I name marlin-66-percent.bat

    -I 23 --throttle=0.7

    After GPU Load : 66% / Temp : 61  / Fan speed 1890 RPM  @ 73.3MH/S

    How does  sia pool work?

    The mining pool coordinates the workers. Think of it like a lottery. If you and your friends all buy tickets in the lottery the group has a better chance of winning. To be fair in the lottery example everyone should be rewarded proportional to the amount of money spent on tickets. So if there are 20 tickets for the pool one person purchased 10 and two people purchased 5 each - if one of the 20 tickets win the person who purchased 10 gets 50% and the other two get 25% each. With a mining pool, all workers share their efforts and receive rewards proportionally to the work provided.

    The SiaMining pool dashboard :

    • Use your siacoin wallet address (same than marlin.bat)

    SiaMining pool payouts : 

    • The Pool rewards miners in siacoins exclusively, according to a pay-per-share (PPS) system with a 3% nominal fee. 
    • Shares rejected by the Pool as stale or invalid are not paid for.
    • At any given time, unpaid rewards accumulated by a Siacoin address may only be paid out by the Pool if they exceed 500 siacoins.
    • Accounts showing no significant mining activity for longer than 30 days may be reset at the sole discretion of the Pool Operators. Any remaining balance will be considered as a donation to the Pool.^

    Consider checking your workers to solve potential problems.

    The overclock on this GPU (OLD HD 7870) is unstable... i have fix the problem now!

    The Sia Nanopool  dashboard :


    • Use your siacoin wallet address (same than bat file )

    Sia Nanopool payouts : 

    • Fee is 2%
    • Payouts several times a day
    • Balance confirmation after 5 blocks
    • Default minimum payout is 1000 SIA (You can change your minimum payout in settings panel on account page.)
    • Share difficulty is static and equal to 50 billion.
    • You can mine directly to your SiaCoin wallet on any exchange
    • PPLNS payout scheme where N is defined as all submitted shares during the last 1 Hour.

    The Sia MiningPoolHub dashboard :

    Sia MiningPoolHub payouts : 

    • 0.9% pool fee
    • Please note: a 12 SC transaction will apply when processing "On-Demand" manual payments

    • Minimum Cashout: 0.002 SC

    • Ajustable Automatic Payout

    Gominer Siacoin miner

    Download this version or check for update on gitbub

    Github : https://github.com/SiaMining/gominer/

    After downloading the zip file, unpack it.

    You need to create a .bat file for  start mining with gominer...

    For Nanopool : 

    gominer.exe -I 28 -H sia-eu1.nanopool.org:9980 -Q "address=6e2799cf345104adff144598ef62b8f22134d460c4165900f796ad675d730b347cbd53fc53f9&worker=my_worker_name_is_GTX1080&[email protected]"

    Need to replace the sia wallet address by your own, write the worker name and your email address.

    Note: You can update the server address with the following url depending of your region:

    • sia-eu1.nanopool.org
    • sia-eu2.nanopool.org
    • sia-us-east1.nanopool.org
    • sia-us-west1.nanopool.org
    • sia-asia1.nanopool.org

    More informatiion at https://sia.nanopool.org/help

    For Siamining pool : 

    gominer.exe -H us-east.siamining.com:9980 -Q "address=6e2799cf345104adff144598ef62b8f22134d460c4165900f796ad675d730b347cbd53fc53f9&worker=my_worker_name_is_GTX1080" -I 28

    Need to replace the sia wallet address by your own and write the worker name.

    Note: You can update the server address with the following url depending of your region:

    • asia.siamining.com  
    • eu.siamining.com 
    • us-east.siamining.com 
    • us-west.siamining.com

    More informatiion at https://siamining.com/help

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