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Ultimate Guide for Mining Pool Hub and MultiPoolMiner Multialgo miner.


I wrote this tutorial to explain to everyone who asks me how to register on MiningPoolHub, download and configure the famous MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace and mine the most profitable coin of the moment to exchange them automatically against the cryptocurrency of our choice.

The focus on this guide is on MiningPoolHub but Zpool can be a good option to add numerous algo and be more profitable.

What do i need to mine with multipoolminer on Mining Pool Hub or Zpool?

  • PC supports one or many high-end gaming video card like AMD or NVIDIA with 1gb of ram or more.
  • PC with Microsoft Windows 7, 8 10 64 bit 
  • Minimum 4gb ram but 8gb and more is better.
  • Standard Internet connection ( low bandwidth needed )
  • Know how to install the video driver and how to extract zip files.
  • CUDA or OpenCL driver *see the tutorial for the link
  • PowerShell *see the tutorial for the link *see the tutorial for the link
  • Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 *see the tutorial for the link
  • Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015​ *see the tutorial for the link
  • Wallet address of your choice for withdraw your earned outside the MPH..
  • Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address ( for Zpool )


To obtain a account on MiningPoolHub follow these steps:

  • Visit MiningPoolHub.
  • You must create a new account if you don't already have one or simply log in..

How to create a MiningPoolHub account?


  • Write down your USERNAME, PASSWORD, EMAIL and PIN.

Please remember your Pin, is needed for withdraw your coins to your personal wallet.

  • Click on Register

  • You need to complete the reCAPTCHA form.

  • Your new account is now created.

How to login on  MiningPoolHub ?


  • Write down your EMAIL and  PASSWORD.
  • Click on Login

  • You need to complete the reCAPTCHA form.

  • You are now logged on MiningPoolHub.

How to set Auto Exchange on MiningPoolHub ?

  • STEP #1 - Click on Auto Exchange
  • STEP #2 - Select from dropdown menu your favorite coin ( example : Siacoin )
  • STEP #3 - Click on Set Auto Exchange Coin

Optional, you can disable Auto Exchange Coin for specific coin if you want to hold and make a payout of this coin to another account without auto exchange for your favorite coin.

  • You Auto exchange setting is now updated on MiningPoolHub for your favorite coin.

Note : The auto exchange coin is setted for Siacoin but you have the choice between all the existing pools on MPH.

How to create a worker on  MiningPoolHub ?

  • STEP #1 - Click on Hub Worker
  • STEP #2 - Add a name on WORKER
  • STEP #3 - Add a password on WORKER ( x ) 
  • STEP #4 - Click on Add New Worker
  • View the final result...

Now you are ready to start mining. Two option is available... 

You can check on WhatToMine what is the coin the most profitable and chose to mine direct with your mining software of your choice or configure the MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace.

How to find the most profitable coin to mine with WhatToMine ?

WhatToMine is not very accurate. Please remove 30% of daily profit in usd to be honest. But is remain a good indicator of what coin is the most profitable according of your hashrate per algo.

How to find the most profitable coin to mine on MiningPoolHub?

On the main page of MPH you can view AUTO SWITCHING PORTS PER ALGO and COIN MINING STATUS AND PROFITS sorted by GPU's.

Unlike WhatToMine, MiningPoolHub takes in consideration the current number of minors, the difficulty and the number of blocks discovered on the pool for determinize what is the most profitable coin to mine on this pool now.

How to mine manually the coin of your choice on MiningPoolHub?

Simply choose the pool of your choice in those that are available and follow the instructions to parameter the miner of your choice.

How to download and configure MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace for work with MiningPoolHub and Zpool?

MultiPoolMiner is a script for auto switch miner to mine the best profitability coin according to the pool api.

It is compatible with both with CPU, NVIDIA and AMD GPU miner.

However it only works with the api of MiningPoolHub and Zpool for now.

Here are the steps to install MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace : 

You can direct download the latest release for Windows but many commits was made on master since this release.

Download the Git master from Github : https://github.com/aaronsace/MultiPoolMiner​

  • STEP #1 - Cick on Clone or download
  • STEP #2 - Cick on Download ZIP

  • After downloading the zip file, unpack it to C:\PoolMiner-master 

  • Right click on start.bat into C:\MultiPoolMiner-master\ folder and click on "edit"

  • Here's what the file looks like.

  • You must now customize the script with your account information and some choices that will be specific to you. Here's a descriptions of these customizable fields.

-wallet 16yTU215CSgswFYdPKjb4bDUtQkS9cQDef  

Put you bitcoin BTC address there, is for optional  zpool mining

To be sure that you not mine on zpool you can remove the -wallet line...

-username siatoday 

Write you MiningPoolHub username like for me siatoday

-workername RIG1 

One of my worker on MPH

-interval 60 

Refresh time of the script. Do not edit.

-location US -ssl 

Choose between europe or US.

-type nvidia,cpu   

 Need to choose if your GPU's are AMD or NVIDIA and if you want mining also with CPU at the same time.

-algorithm cryptonight,decred,ethash,equihash,groestl,lbry,lyra2z,neoscrypt,pascal,sia,sib  (default)

Some of the additional algos listed by me are not available on MiningPoolHub and require mining on Zpool :


Note :  If you video card have less than 3gb for the DAG file of ETH you need to replace ethash by ethash2g

-poolname miningpoolhub 

You can also add Zpool for more algo and possiblity... miningpoolhub, zpool

-currency btc,usd,cad  

Show me the profitability in BTC, USD and also in CAD. 

-donate 10" 

It for give 10 minutes by day to arronsace for this awesome MultiPoolMiner Script.

Now look like :

  • Go to File... Save  and now you can close the editor.

Now before launching the script, it would be better to validate that you have all the required files in your posession.

  1. Nvidia GPU need CUDA.
  2. Windows 7 need PowerShell.
  3. CCminer need visual studio 2013 & 2015.
  4. You need to download excavator to add manually after launched the script.

How to install CUDA for NVIDIA GPU?

  • Visit https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads
  • Choose your "Operating System”
  • Choose your corresponding  "Architecture".
  • Choose your "Version" or "Distribution"
  • Chose installer yype "Network" or "Local"
  • Now, you just need to download and install with default options.

How to install PowerShell if you have Windows 7?

How to install missing file for CCMiner?

How to download "excavator.exe" if you don't already have it?

Start mining with MultiPoolMiner by aaronsace

  • Go to folder  C:\MultiPoolMiner-master with Windows Explorer.
  • Double-click on start.bat for start the script.   

  • The script start to download miner software for benchmarking each algo...

  • You need to check the script, each time than a new miner start benchmark, your windows firewall (if enable) ask you to open port.

You have error message like : Cannot download .\Bin\Excavator\excavator.exe

It time to put Excavator downloaded file to the C:\MultiPoolMiner-master\Bin\Excavator\ folder.

It possible than automatic download for some miner not work due to url change or just give time that script complete some test and finally download this miner... This is very long!

If you have added all possible algorithms and zpool in the start.bat, you can see an impressive number of tests to be performed according to the algorithm and the specific miner software.

After a few minutes or hours depending of the number of algorithm and if you have chosen also zpool, the scrypt finish to make all benchmark...

The main window of the script will remain open and refresh frequently to give you a summary and you will see miners start with the information of yours accounts on MiningPoolHub and Zpool according to what the API's of MPH and Zpool have determined that is more lucrative now according of the hashrate obtained during the benchmark.

Note: Think of visiting the Github of MultiPoolMiner on a regular basis (weekly) to see the improvements and bug corrections made to this script.

How to view my balance and withdraw on MiningPoolHub?

You see what you have mined and what coin is credited for auto exchange for your favorite coin.

You can set you payment address, automatic payout threshold or make manual cash out.

How to view my balance and withdraw on Zpool?


  • STEP #1 - Cick on Wallet
  • STEP #2 - Write your BTC address (same than provided in start.bat)
  • STEP #3 - Click on Submit

You can see your balance, mined corners and block reward awaiting for confirmation.


I hope this tutorial will guide you in order to mined with the best profitability of the moment.

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